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Introducing an EBMI: Extended-Body-Mass-Index

The BMI is well known and useful to say if a person has overweight. But it is not in every case right. Some persons has a heavy weight but they are slim – e.g. persons with much muscles. But scientists found another indicator for illnesses (e.g. heart attacks to get in the future) and which is also an indicator if you are to fat respectively you eat not healthy enough. It is the abdominal girth. If it is (mess it up over the biggest part of your abdomen, mostly over the navel) more than 95 cm it is to much and you have to be intent what you eat. If it is more than 102 cm it is really high risk. You are to fat and with a much more percentage you get problems in the future, maybe heart attacks and you do not move your body enough.

To meet this abdominal girth conditions I thought a little bit about it and about the BMI and got the idea of an EBMI – Extended-Body-Mass-Index. I just extend the BMI with the abdominal girth. When a girth of 95 is a little bit more risk so a girth of 88 is completely normal. If you are above, the risk increases (slowly) and if you are underneath the risk shrinks but you maybe are too slim. So I add a divisor which is multiplicated with the normal BMI and increase it, when your girth is to high and shrinks it when your girth is underneath. Continue reading ‘Introducing an EBMI: Extended-Body-Mass-Index’

How to prevent a website from tracking me

I delete this article because it does not work as expected, sorry. If you don´t want to be tracked better use some of these Firefox Add-Ons.

That´s the best what you can do as far as I know at the moment.

There is one method which is better, but than using the internet is very restricted: don´t use cookies, delete your cache and all cookies after closing firefox. But than you have to install anyhow BetterPrivacy to get rid of the Flash Cookies.

How to validate forms with jQuery and CodeIgniter

CodeIgniter Logo

CodeIgniter Logo

In the Web 2.0 it is familiar to create new services. In Germany the Web 2.0 is also called “Mitmach-Web” (join-in-web). And there is a other transformation in the scene: With Javascript (and that what is called Ajax – I call it in german always “Webwaschmittel”) more and more static websites becomes dynamically web applications – to use like normal desktop applications. But to have an interactive website, which behaves similar to a desktop application (giving response in no time, show informations and take the user into its own hand). The one thing webdesigners and web-developers do to make a website interactive and behaves like an application is to use Javascript. Javascript is the mean of choice but there exists several Javascript-Frameworks which helps the user to write clean and short Javascript-Code with a great functionality.

On the backend-side (server-side) the programmers have done also many development and engineering in the last years. Several Frameworks have been established (Symfony, CodeIgniter, Ruby on Rails, Zend, Flow3 and so on – more about frameworks in the iX special “Web on Rails“). I am using CodeIgniter because it is a really leightweight and nice to use framework with many functionality, but the latitude to program and design your application as you will (means: with very few restrictions and a very small footprint).

In this little HowTo I want to show you how to build a little CodeIgniter REST-like API (only an example with one controller) and use it via Javascript (ajax with jQuery). The REST-API (Representational State Transfer – Advanced Programming Interface) is an idea, a way how to provide information and data as an service to the web, using the HTTP-protocol given mechanisms (like POST-data, GET-data, …). I write knowingly “REST-like”, because it is no easy work to create a full and dynamically usable REST-API. The MVC-Pattern-Design from CodeIgniter helps you to build Controller which can behave REST-like. But still programming a controller and let them return a header and some data is not the whole idea of a REST-full API.
To learn what a REST-API is or how it works: have a look at “A RESTful Web service, an example” by Paul James. There are also a german PDF “REST Web Services – eine Einführung” available from OIO (Orientation In Objects – a german software development company).
I also used two other tutorials from the web to inform myself about form validation with Ajax. You can find them at the end of the article among “Sources”.

Now I want to show you in an easy way how to build one little web service which validates something for you and send a response. A Javascript snippet send a call to the CodeIgniter Controller, the Controller do something and send an response. The answer will be shown up on the front end without relaoding the whole website. So it is good for a site with a PHP-Backend (via the REST-API) because it can be used from others later (maybe from outside or from company-internal services).

Continue reading ‘How to validate forms with jQuery and CodeIgniter’

Problems with downloading and importing Thawte email certificates with Firefox under Vista

Since some years I am using for my private e-mail-adress a free Thawte e-mail certificate to sign and encrypt my e-mails. This works via S/MIME (X.509) and is very easy to use. Easier than PGP (which has other benefits).

Last year I had a problem to download the Thawte certificate. I created it and than you have a fetch button to download it. The user must use the same browser on the same computer under the same user he has create the certificate, to download it. I do so, but it does not work.
This year, my certificate expired recently, I try the same. I open the Thawte site, create my new certificate and want to download it, all via Firefox under Windows Vista, but I always get a download window. I select just “open” and every time the Windows Certificate Manager opens. Bastard!

I tried and tried and nothing really worked. It seems that only the public key was imported into Certificate Manager. I export into to import it into Mozilla Thunderbird, but this does not work.

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What is to do by updating WordPress theme K2 to 1.0 RC8

Yeah on the getk2.com, the website for the WordPress theme K2 is the version 1.0 RC8 released. Yesterday I updated my wordpress blog software and I also updated to the latest K2. After uploading, there were some trouble with my FTP connection (it takes hours to upload all files… :roll: ) but in the end it worked all fine. But then I recognized a little failure. Under each title of a post normally the user founds some information like the author, the date, the category, comments and tags. But there were nothing, only this little clock-icon. What a pitty …

My first thought was: is there gone something wrong while uploading?
No! With the version RC8 the user is able to configure in some ways the looking of parts on the frontend of the K2 theme. You have to login to the backend and then visit Design > K2 Options and there you have to configure which data will appear in the “Top Meta”.

The “Bottom Meta” means a part at the end of the post on the list view (like the start page of the blog) of your articles. The only thing I missed: if you add “%comments%” to your Top Meta, on the blog appear this little balloon, the number of comments and the word “comment”. So you are not able to completely translate those data to german.

This would be great, if you can configure these things, also like “Continue reading…” in the backend like you want. So “%comments%” Only have to be the balloon with the number of comments, nothing more.

Sprache lernen im Tandem

Wer eine Fremdsprache erlernen möchte, der besucht oft einen Kurs zum Beispiel an der Universität oder an einer Volkshochschule. Das Internet bietet nun die neue Möglichkeit online neue Tandempartner zum Erlernen einer Fremdsprache kennen zu lernen bzw. auch online (via Instant Messaging, E-Mail oder Telefon) die Sprache zu erlernen ist durch das Internet enorm gewachsen.

Bei dem Tandem-System finden sich immer zwei Menschen zusammen, wo der eine vom anderen die Muttersprache lernen möchte. Möchte ich zum Beispiel Schwedisch lernen und jemand aus Schweden möchte Deutsch lernen, so profitiert er von meiner Muttersprache und ich von seinen muttersprachlichen Kenntnissen.

Die TU-Darmstadt bietet im Sprachzentrum ebenfalls das Sprachenlernen im Tandem an. Hier lohnt sich also für Darmstädter und Leute aus der Region in jedem Fall die Anmeldung. Wem es ausreicht sich zu schreiben oder zu telefonieren und Leute aus der ganzen Welt sucht, der ist bei der Tandem-Sprachvermittlung der Ruhr Universität Bochum gut aufgehoben. Dort kann man sich online registrieren. Die Vermittlung eines Tandempartners erfolgt dann per E-Mail. Die Datenbank dort ist sehr umfangreich und enthält viele Sprachen bzw. verfügbare Tandempartner.
Der Dienst friendsabroad von babbel.com kann für Leute die gerne Englisch, Französisch, Spanisch oder Italienisch lernen wollen ebenfalls eine gute Alternative sein.

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Again problems with Comodo Firewall Update

The latest version 3.8.65951.477 of Comodos Firewall (CIS – Comodo Internet Security) was distributed via update function and prevents many programs on (primarily) Windows Vista 64bit from starting at system startup. So I started my system after update and my antivirus avast! (from Alwil) and some other programs like Spybot Search & Destroy, Truecrypt and Yahoo! Widget Engine does not start. Also I can´t start any other programs like Firefox, Thunderbird, Sunbird or Internet Explorer.

After a little internet search I found a thread at Comodos internet forum. There a user explain that he deinstalled Lavasofts Ad-Aware and then reinstall the newest version of CIS and this works fine. I have a Windows Vista 64bit with SP1 running and I want to give it a try and it also work for me.

If you have Lavasofts Ad-Aware running so try this out:

  1. deinstalling CIS and restart your system
  2. deinstall Ad-Aware and restart your system
  3. install the latest Comodo Internet Security Version, reboot
  4. now all things must be fine … hopefully ;)

The previous version of CIS (3.5.x) works also fine, but is an old version. So you can decide what to do for your special case.
Write me your experiences!

Installation of the WordPress Plugin MyCaptcha

The installation instructions for the WordPress PlugIn MyCaptcha on wordpress.org is false. The code shown there is not complete. Here are the correct way to install it.

  • for the single.php-file of your theme (must start at the first line of your file):

if (class_exists('MyCaptcha')) {

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