A few days ago I wrote Problem with Comodo Update under Windows XP and Problem with Comodo Firewall Update under Vista and described what problems I had with the update and that it not work properly. Now I also wrote the support and in the forum and I got en email, that I have to start „Diagnostics“ from the „Miscellaneous“-Menu. When it says that something is false/broken I have to reinstall the Comdo Firewall.

You have to know, that Comodo Firewall is now known as Comdo Internet Security and is a Firewall with Antivirus. But you can choose at install-time, if you want to install the Antivirus too. After reinstalling the firewall all works properly fine. The red warning-shield from the Windows Security Center is not popping up again and the firewall works also fine. The support knows about this problem and maybe is working on it.

Comodo Firewall Update Problems

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